Video - Talking Property

  • Talking Property with buyer's agent Michael Salvartsis
    Michael Salvartsis was a residential independent valuer for 20 years. In recent times, he has become a buyer’s agent with Based on his vast experience, Michael brings a lot to any discussion on property. We recently sat down with Michael to discuss all things real estate and investing, including: Are valuers conservative? What is the greatest mistake vendor’s make during negotiations? and should home sellers get an independent valuation before listing on the market? - We hope you find the information Michael shares in this interview helpful.
  • Talking Property - 2018 Property Forecast

    Some respected property analysts have forecast a price drop of up to 10% for Sydney housing in 2018. Louis Christopher is Australia's most respected property analyst. He is far more optimistic about the Sydney market in 2018. We recently caught up with Louis and put the tough questions to him about the property market. Louis is not afraid to go against consensus and his upbeat assessment of the property market will surprise many.

  • Talking Property - 2017 in Review
    Much has been said and written about the Sydney property market during 2017. Despite much doom and gloom reporting, Sydney property prices will finish the year higher than they were on January 1 2017. Australia's best property analyst, Louis Christopher recently joined us to provide his thoughts on the market. In the first of this two-part interview, Louis explains exactly how the market performed in numbers rather than personal opinion. The second interview will be released in early January with Louis' forecast for 2018.   
  • Talking Property - Paul Denny Conveyancing

    The relationship between a vendor's real estate agent and a vendor's legal representative can have a huge impact on the outcome of a property transaction. Peter O'Malley sits down with Paul Denny of Paul Denny Conveyancing who shares 39 years of experience and advice for people buying and selling property -

  • Talking Property - 2017 Mid-Year Market Review

    The State and Federal Governments introduced a number of measures this past quarter to slow the property market down, although it is difficult to know how these changes will impact the Sydney property market. Peter O'Malley sat down with property analyst Louis Christopher of SQM Research to examine the upcoming quarter.

  • Talking Property - 2017 Second Quarter Review

    Harris Partners principal Peter O'Malley sat down with the managing director of SQM Research and property analyst, Louis Christopher to examine the property market for the upcoming quarter.

  • What is conditioning?

    We hear a lot about 'conditioning' in the real estate market, so what does it mean? Whether you're a buyer or seller, our team break it down...

  • Selecting the right property manager

    What you should know when considering whether to purchase an investment property...

  • Running a dynamic campaign

    When a property goes on the market, the internet guarantees an instant reaction. For this reason, it is important to tailor a campaign that is unique to your property.