Our Guarantee

Harris Partners Real Estate is committed to delivering optimum results to home buyers and sellers using superior selling strategies. Our service guarantee is our commitment to happy, delighted clients.

1. Selling Price Quote

If the property sells below the minimum price quoted (above) the sellers will be released from any obligation to pay any commission. If the sellers feel there is a valid reason for the property selling below the minimum quoted price, the sellers can still elect to pay the agent; however, the amount of commission payable to the agent will be at the sole discretion of the sellers.

2. Fees and Expenses

If the agent has found a suitable buyer and the seller is not satisfied that the agent has given satisfactory effort on behalf of the sellers, then these fees are negotiable DOWNWARDS prior to acceptance of the offer by the sellers.

Once the offer is accepted by the sellers, the agreed fee shall be binding, with no correspondence entered into at a later time.

All fees and expenses claimed by the agent are only payable once a sale has been legally effected. The sellers will be deemed to have accepted the price IF they sign a contract with a buyer to sell the property.

Sellers are urged to receive legal advice BEFORE signing a contract to sell the property.

3. Cancellation of Agreement

The sellers will have the right to cancel the agent’s agreement if the sellers are not satisfied with the performance of the agent – provided that the sellers give the agent seven days to rectify any concerns. If the seller's concerns are rectified, the agreement will continue. Should the sellers decide to withdraw the property from sale, there will be no charges payable by the sellers to the agent. This includes any advertising costs that the agent incurred.


This Guarantee is to be attached to and form part of the agent’s agreement.

Where there is any inconsistency between the clauses in this Guarantee and other clauses in the agent’s Selling Agreement, the clauses in this Guarantee shall have priority.

If you have any concerns about any real estate matter, please seek independent advice from a solicitor or conveyancer.