Arcesio & Teresa Lopez

One fateful day, last October, Gavin Freidin from Harris Partners Real Estate, was working in our area, offering free market appraisals. After ringing our bell, he had a chat to my husband about the possibility of selling our unit. Although we had been thinking about upgrading from our two bedroom unit, to better accommodate a family of four, we hadn't actually done anything about it. Also, I felt a bit emotionally attached to our property, after 8 years of living here and I was in two minds about selling. Gavin agreed to give us some more time to think about what we wanted to do and agreed to contact us in the New Year, after the holiday season.

As agreed, we got a call from Gavin again in February. By this time my husband and I had decided that moving to a larger property would be the right thing to do for our family. At this point in time, Gavin introduced us to David Beauregard, who seemed to specialise in the Leichhardt area. Upon meeting David for the first time, we got a good feeling about what we were about to do. He listened to us patiently, no matter how much I reminded him about my attachment to this property, he offered advice when we asked for it. He was courteous, respectful, patient and very charming in the manner in which he helped us prepare for the sale.

After a lot of cleaning, de-cluttering and nervous anticipation, the apartment was finally ready for the first day of inspection. We got some positive feedback from prospective purchasers via David. We couldn't believe it, when after only three inspections in ONE WEEK our property was sold, for a price we had hoped for but in the current uncertain economic situation, were not sure we were going to get!

We are very grateful for our chance meeting with the gentle and well-spoken Gavin and for the expertise and confidence that David displayed in managing the sale of our property. We would have no hesitation in recommending Harris Partners to prospective vendors in the Community.



Arcesio & Teresa Lopez