Current Market Insights – Ep. 41

Current Market Insights – Ep. 41

7 months ago

Thanks for joining us for another great episode of Current Market Insights. In this episode we break down the RBA rates decision in December, and the factors that led to their rates call. We get into the nitty-gritty of the two-speed economy that the pandemic has birthed, the widening wealth gap, and the mounting insurance costs in strata schemes.

We also dissect how these dynamics are reshaping various Australian cities and regions, offering a captivating insider's perspective.Have you heard about the dangerous trend of "liar loans" creeping into the housing market? In this episode, we also pull back the curtain on this unsettling reality.

This episode doesn't just deliver a cautionary tale, but insists on a vital lesson - the importance of living within your means and considering the potential fallout from financial dishonesty.