Current Market Insights – Ep. 43

Current Market Insights – Ep. 43

5 months ago

In this week’s episode, we navigate the choppy waters of interest rates, global influences, and the Reserve Bank of Australia's cryptic cues. This episode isn't just a talk; it's a treasure map to understanding the underlying currents that could steer the property market's future.

Whether you're a homeowner on edge or an investor with an eye on the horizon, you'll emerge with a keener sense of what's at play in the world of real estate finance.Step into the auction arena as we dissect Domain's latest clearance rates and square them off against SQM Research's historical insights.

The scene is set with a juxtaposition of fierce bidding wars and lackluster listings, where strategy is king and the market's mood swings might just catch you off guard. We strip down the selling game to its core, debating the merits of public auctions versus private treaty sales, and how the RBA's potential rate moves could send ripples through your investment portfolio.

Join us for this candid conversation that could very well shape the way you think about buying and selling in today's market.