Current Market Insights – Ep. 45

Current Market Insights – Ep. 45

4 months ago

In this weeks episode, our conversation exposes how some agents might use the allure of potential bargains to attract buyers, probing the ethical boundaries in marketing potentially sensitive properties.

We navigate the intricate balance between seductive advertising and the obligation to maintain transparency, all while emphasizing the importance of agents serving their clients' best interests vigilantly. Moreover, we dissect the misconceptions that buyers may harbor due to deceptive marketing practices, providing a crucial guide for steering clear of potential pitfalls in the property hunt.

Peter's market wrap lays bare the truths behind pre-auction sales and the actual clearance rates that contradict the media's portrayal of a frenzied auction climate. From the post-Christmas surge in listings to the dynamics influencing seller decisions, we equip you with a reality check that demystifies the auction landscape. Whether you're a buyer not to be lulled into complacency or a seller pondering the timing of your market entry, this episode offers strategic insights into the ever-evolving property chessboard.