Inspections during Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and in conjunction with restrictions announced by the Prime Minister, there will be changes to how the property market operates.

The Prime Minister has banned public open houses, until further notice. All of Harris Partners property inspections will now take place on a Private Appointment basis. 

This means that only one purchasing or leasing party will be able to inspect an available property, at any one time.

If you would like to inspect a particular property, simply pre-register with us to inspect the target property.

We invite you to attend any of our Private Appointments subject to the following:

  • You accept the agent’s instructions and/or directions on site at the property
  • You agree to wait your turn, outside the subject property, if another party is already in the property
  • You agree to practice social distancing whilst waiting outside the property
  • You confirm that you are actively in the market to purchase and/or lease a property similar to the one you propose inspecting
  • We respectively ask that people who are not actively looking to buy or lease, please leave the available slots for those that are active in the market
  • Certain properties will be available on Sundays in order to accommodate the more labour intensive Private Appointment process
  • Please do not attend any property if you are feeling unwell
  • Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available at all inspections


We are confident that those in the market as either vendors, buyers, landlords or tenants will find the Private Appointment  strategy meets the Prime Minister’s current Covid-19 restrictions whilst allowing the sale and rental markets scope to transact.

If you would like to email comments or suggestions in relation to our Private Appointment strategy, please feel free to do so here.

The main office number to pre-register for an inspection is 02 9818 2133 or you can email us on or

Those who are not actively in the property market at the moment may understandably question the need to conduct any real estate transactions in this environment. The reality is the sale and/or leasing of real estate is often a life event. To completely close both the sale and rental markets entirely would be to deprive those that need to buy, sell and/or lease of an opportunity to do so. 

Finally, we wish you and your family well at this challenging time.

Best wishes


Peter O’Malley | Managing Director