Jera Cooke

I indicate that Sinead Szerenga and your property management team provide excellent property management, with all aspects, from selecting good tenants to all maintenance and accounts. Sinead and team have been looking after my biggest investment; my two inner-west investment properties, for the last four years with skill and a personable attitude. Your property management are always helpful and informative. 

Being valuable, I like to maintain my assets well; your property management team has saved me many hours by having specialist trades-people on-hand for all eventualities. Harris Partners only ever charges me the amount invoiced from trades and other services and it is always a lower amount than it would cost me. 

Sometimes I like to discuss an aspect of property management and Sinead is always ready to provide good solid advice. Your team always follows-up any aspect of my enquiries or input. I have found them to be a valuable source of advice and always keeping everything within the law. The special conditions added to each lease give me extra peace-of-mind. 

Each month I receive a clear, easy to follow statement showing rent paid and all costs, including the very reasonable fees of your agency. All bills for the properties are managed by Sinead with impressive accuracy and I can attest that nothing is over-looked. This means that for a small fee, I really don't have to apply much thought to the properties, as I know that they are well looked-after by Sinead and team. 

I have never had any big problem with the properties, but I am confident that Harris Partners would manage any difficulty for best outcome. Sinead and team are pro-active and they visit the properties as required. I highly recommend the personnel of Harris Partners for property management and I commend them as the best I've ever experienced.