Jera Cooke

I indicate that Simon Coates and your team provide excellent management of all aspects of the sales process. Simon looked after the sale of my tow inner-west investment properties earlier this year with skill and a personable attitude. Simon is always helpful and informative. 

Being a valuable part of my portfolio, I needed to maximise the income from sale in a timely fashion and Simon was skilful in facilitating that for both properties earlier this year. He took the time to visit me at my home so that I could consult him on all aspects of the sales process. 

Simon's professionalism and the systems of your agency ensured that the properties were both sold in the time available to me. Simon was able to explain market conditions, with voluminous evidence and maximise my opportunities with careful sales strategy. 

Where I was firm in an aspect, from wording of the advert to viewing-times, Simon would always co-operate for best outcome. Apart from these excellent professional characteristics, Simon also has a good understanding of other people; which is invaluable when guiding a purchaser through the process. Simon takes the time to meet with keen prospective purchasers and go through every aspect when showing them the property. 

For me, it was very important that my agent stacked-up; that they had ethics and Simon has assisted me well in the purchase of one property and the sale of two properties; he has never let me down. Simon's good nature and integrity is a definite asset in dealing with people from all walks of life; he relates well with people and he is likeable; always explaining the position he is taking. 

At the time of sale, Simon moved quickly to secure contracts in his usual fuss-free and efficient way, visiting me and the purchaser. Then Sue Cvetkovski, your Trust Administrator, supported the sale with careful documents and transactions, all done with skill. Simon and your sales team demonstrate skill and knowledge that can only be learned from being a decent person and acting from experience. 

I highly recommend Simon Coates and Harris Partners for real-estate sales and I recommend Simon and your team as clearly outstanding.