Lilyfield boasts historical homes, beautiful parks and amenities for all ages.
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Named for the lilies that grew in the area, or possibly a Mr Lily, one of the earliest landowners. The first grant was given to Luke Ralph in 1821 but remained largely undisturbed until manufacturing and light industry associated with the timber trade brought workers into the area.

Lilyfield has an assortment of housing, marginally larger than the immediate neighbourhood and some areas have larger blocks of land. 

Many of the streets provide excellent views of the city skyline and are currently enjoying an influx of owners keen to restore and refurbish. 

The Orange Grove public school has a regular Saturday morning fruit and vegetable market which attracts people from all over the Peninsula, as does the waterfront Aquatic swimming complex, and access to the Bay run. 

The light rail system built in the 1990's has greatly improved transport to the area which suffered from the deep rift valley running down the middle of the suburb.

Other transport is provided by RTA buses.