Margaret Ireland

These words come with an amazing and singular urge to say how grateful we are to you, Harris Partners Realestate, Balmain, for your work, and your Extra Work, over the past few weeks of service. This gratitude is not merely for satisfactorily  selling a home in a few weeks, in extremely stressed financial and psychological times,  but for your honesty, intelligence and wisdom, coupled with an humane concern for all parties involved in the process. Harris Partners' personal service throughout our dealings with them could better be described as, not just a commercial operation, but as a "ministry". 

We want to express our gratitude to Peter O' Malley who initially placed the property on the market. His professional advice to our elderly Relative, the vendor, was exercised with reason, experienced knowledge and assurance. He personally  saw a steady stream of genuinely interested parties through the premises, with no consideration for his own convenience. There were no "Open Houses". Each prospective customer was given individual attention. Peter then visited our Relative at home, offering him updated feedback and advice, hearing his needs and wishes, while showing, at all times, care and a real understanding, until an appropriate offer was made. Peter took time to keep Family, living at a distance, informed as to inspections and impressions. He made himself available at all times for communication by telephone. 

The first contract having once been exchanged, Gavin Freidin took over from Peter to deal with the vast amount of negotiations which followed. We are so very grateful for all the extra care and extremely unusual consideration that has been shown to the elderly gentleman, as well as to us, living away. Gavin , like Peter, made himself at our disposal both in and out of normal office hours. His manner, answering the phone,  was consistently calm, warm and dignified. Nothing was too much to ask of him; no service too inconvenient to be made available for us. He communicated with Solicitors, Removalists and Storage Agents on our behalf. He gently accompanied our Relative through the potentially anxious days which had to elapse between the first contract and settlement.

One would presume that, the sale of the Balmain home having  been assured, and the Agents having been paid, our association with Harris Partners would have become, perhaps, more remote. This was not the case. Our Relative needed extra assistance in handling paperwork relating to the purchase of a property through another agent in the north of the state. Gavin was again there to help while the gentleman awaited the day for removal from Balmain. Gavin even drove him to another suburb to his Solicitor, while, all the time, responding to our communications. 

The care of Harris Partners extended beyond the call of duty. Our Relative was, at other times, driven to the Solicitor by Andy and by Joel; the latter even lent assistance on the day of settlement. Documents were delivered personally to our Relative 's home, and the Office Staff was always welcoming when the just wanted to be reassured and have a chat.

Our whole Family is grateful to you, Harris Partners Realestate, for your excellent property transactions, but we are especially indebted to you all for a whole service, the kind of which I have never encountered in my many moves in the North and South of England, and, in latter years, in Victoria,  Queensland and New South Wales, where, because of career requirements, I have had to make my home.

Thank you all, again. I  wish you all the success you deserve.