Market Wrap - 11 June 2020


  • 10 Ennis Street, Balmain and 122A Short Street, Birchgrove both sold in the last couple of days after two successful campaigns with multiple enquiries and offers being made. Both sales were buyer competitive. 


  • The stabilisation in equity markets is sure to reassure some who are looking to enter the property market. The recovery in so many superannuation accounts will indirectly benefit the economy and the property marketRead more.


  • The NAB are forecasting a "very large fall" in Australia's second quarter of 2020, but then there will be an extended period of recovery. Read more here.


  • Australia’s newest super-skyscraper – Australia 108 – is officially the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere from floor to roof, spanning a colossal 319-metres tall or 100-storeysRead more


  • First-home buyers in every state of Australia already had cash incentives to build or buy a new home but last week the stakes got considerably higher. This is how much money the government is giving first-home buyers to buy or build new, state by state. Read the full article