The 2021 Sydney Property Market Previewed

SQM Research's Louis Christopher recently joined us to preview the 2021 Sydney property market.

In this discussion, Louis provides guidance on the following issues:   SQM Research's surprisingly optimistic forecast for the housing market in 2021 and the reasons why    Where the risks lie in the market & the importance of the Federal Government supporting the economy The long term risks in a property market that is fuelled by debt   How the apartment market will perform with the International borders remaining closed The continued under performance of the rental market    Lower interest rates, negative interest rates and loose credit conditions Lots more ground covered in this extensive 2021 market preview


The first quarter of 2021 was one of the most remarkable on record, with house price growth running at all time highs.

As real estate agents, we are often asked, ‘How’s the market?’. That question has morphed into ‘Why is the market so strong?’. No one expected a crash in Q1 2021 but few expected the explosive growth that occurred.



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