Talking Property - Demographic trends in the housing market with Mark McCrindle

Mark McCrindle is a social researcher, best-selling author, influential thought leader and Principal of the research-based advisory firm, McCrindle Research.

Mark recently joined us to discuss the long term trends and legacy issues we can expect to see in the property market.


When a property market turns, the tricks, trends and tactics employed by agents, sellers and buyers change too. If you identify the shift in how the market is functioning, you stand a much better chance of being on the right side of the trade. Those looking to buy or sell in the next few months will be faced with a barrage of dramatic reporting and predictions as mortgage rates rise. Staying calm, up-to-date and pragmatic is the key to winning in the 2022 property market.




What impact will rising interest rates have on the property market?

Peter O'Malley and ABC's Philip Clark recently caught up on Nightlife to dissect the issues facing the National property market.