Talking Property - Second Half of the 2021 Property Market

Australia’s best property analyst Louis Christopher recently joined us to break down the elements that will determine the Sydney market between now and Christmas.

As we enter the second half of 2021, many are wondering if the Sydney property market can continue to rise at the same frenetic pace. Just as we commenced 2021 with COVID-19 Restrictions in Sydney, we now commence the new financial year with even stronger restrictions due to the recent outbreak.

Will home buyer sentiment blow through these restrictions just as they did in January 2021, or can we expect a correction of sorts?

In this segment, Louis provides:

• an updated forecast on how the market will finish in 2021

• the differential in performance between suburban apartments & those in the CBD

• what the re-emergence of investors into the property market means and

• an explanation of why and how Sydney housing has been caught up in a global residential property boom


Agents and stylists have many options, tricks and clever ways of presenting a property in its best light – pardon the pun. These styling options range from the sensible to borderline deceptive.

To avoid buyer’s remorse on settlement day, identifying the following presentation tricks can ensure you are not swept up in emotion and inadvertently overlook pertinent aspects of the property.



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