The 2021 Sydney Property Market Previewed

SQM Research's Louis Christopher recently joined us to preview the 2021 Sydney property market.

In this discussion, Louis provides guidance on the following issues:   SQM Research's surprisingly optimistic forecast for the housing market in 2021 and the reasons why    Where the risks lie in the market & the importance of the Federal Government supporting the economy The long term risks in a property market that is fuelled by debt   How the apartment market will perform with the International borders remaining closed The continued under performance of the rental market    Lower interest rates, negative interest rates and loose credit conditions Lots more ground covered in this extensive 2021 market preview


The property market has opened 2021 up in surprisingly strong fashion. It’s not that market pundits expected a soft start to the year, it’s just the strength in certain segments of the market has completely surprised most people. There is a case to say that certain niche markets have jumped by nearly 10% since Christmas. Whilst that seems close to unbelievable in a mere twomonth period, there is mounting evidence each week that removes any doubt.

In this special report, we break down the issues that property sellers should consider, prior to listing their property in 2021.



The Chris Smith Show with Peter O'Malley

Harris Partners' Peter O'Malley and 2GB's Chris Smith recently caught up to discuss new trends forming in the property market. Listen in now....