Talking Property with Buyer's Agent Patrick Bright

Buyer’s agents have become prevalent in the real estate landscape over the past decade or so. Patrick Bright is an experienced buyer’s agent who has seen multiple market booms, price corrections, and crashes.

Patrick is the author of the best-selling book The Insiders Guide to Buying Real Estate.

Patrick recently caught up with us to discuss the current property market and the tricks both buyers and sellers should avoid.


The easiest money in the world to spend is other peoples.


When you are selling in a property boom, how much do you need to spend to reach the target market? The answer is a lot less than you think and definitely less than the agent is likely to recommend.

Two symptoms of a booming market are low stock levels and increasing buyer demand. Therefore, active buyers have a smaller selection of property to choose from which subsequently sees each listing attract more buyers than it normally may.



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