Talking Property - Auction Clearance Rates


In the blink of an eye, the housing market has gone from rising to falling. Buying in a falling market is often described as catching a falling knife. This is not always an apt description when it comes to falling property markets though. Unlike stocks and shares, you can gain a benefit from property beyond its short term price performance. Home is where the heart is and during the early stages of COVID-19, we have seen continued buyer demand and little to no panic selling.



Property market advice for buyers and sellers for spring 2020 - Peter O'Malley discusses the property market on 2 GB with Deborah Knight

Real estate agents say the current property climate is unmissable for first home buyers. Harris Partners principal Peter O’Malley told Deborah Knight now’s a good time to buy, income stability depending.

“The property clock is turning in favour of first home buyers. The last time first home buyers saw an opportunity this good to get into the property market, coincidentally, was the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.”