Sydney Property – How will the market perform in the 2nd half of 2019?

Will the property market rise and if so, by how much?

Peter O'Malley from Harris Partners Real Estate is joined by property analyst Louis Christopher of SQM Research to take a look at what we may expect from the Sydney property market for the second half of 2019, including which segments will perform the best plus where do the major risks lie for both buyers and sellers.


And just like that, the market downturn turned into an upswing.

The first month of the Sydney spring property market saw a decisive 1.7% rise according to the Core Logic Index. Those on the ground selling real estate would attest to that at the very least and possibly more for certain segments of the market.



Claims of underquoting against Sydney real estate agents on the rise

Luke Grant talks to Peter O’Malley about recent reports that claim Sydney real estate agents are underquoting on properties with house prices regularly soaring past their price guidance… especially in under-supplied suburbs.