Talking Property - State of the Market June 2021

In this edition of Talking Property Peter and Louis Christopher discuss the factors influencing the extraordinary start to the year in property, with records tumbling and prices continuing to astound.


The property market has been impacted by a multitude of dynamic forces since the pandemic commenced. The subsequent knock-on effects are wide ranging and unexpected in many instances.

In this special report, we highlight the 11 most discernible trends in the 2021 Sydney property market that have come about as side effects of the pandemic and the ongoing response to it. As you read through the report, you may find some of the points contradict. Given property markets vary from suburb to suburb and region to region, some of the trends are location based.



The Chris Smith Show with Peter O'Malley

House prices are rising in their fastest rate for 32 years. Tune in for the latest Open House segment of the Chris Smith Show.